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  The Gameboy camera is incredible at making 'art of art' (meta-art for all you geeks out there. Any work is transformed by its monochrome eye, as contrast is increased, and detail lost. This is a tiny part of a work by Kitty North (totally stolen I'm afraid - I hope she doesn't mind too much), given the GBC edge. This image was captured, like most of the others, by direct scanning from the Gameboy screen, but has not had the pixelation lessened like some of the others. I think the Gameboy's pixel edges add to it.
  Portraiture can be a hit and miss affair with the Gameboy camera. Mouths can easily be lost if unopened, and often fair people will disappear into the background. The key, as with all lo-fi photography, is contrast and proximity. Getting close to a well-framed subject can make all the difference (hi to Vanessa by the way...)  

And you know there's a lot of fun to be had with the Gameboy's built-in editing tools. They aren't Photoshop, but I guarantee you can do a lot more artistic things than this.

Show me more, you digital buff, you!

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