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 Vintage clothes are a great way to stand out. A lovely 60s Hawaiian shirt or 50s casual shirt from the days when colourful clothing had just been invented really puts stereotyped people in their Gap and J-Crew generics to shame, and teaches the Snap-On patterned crowd where it's really at.

The vintage section at eBay is always a goldmine if you can handle having to bid against people all over the world for that shirt with pictures of Lovebugs all over. There's also the size problem, with many items being funny sizes, and no real returns policy for most sellers.

The other advantage of eBay is that almost everything is available there at some point. Tapping any famous name and 'shirt' into the search engine is bound to pull up some beautiful objects. Like the suave Transformers shirt we got there. Or the classic Cop Shoot Cop shirt we missed out on.


 Online vendors also stock t-shirts to put the so called 'designer casual' lines to shame. Try wondertwin for a selection of up-to-the-minute designs. Cosmic debris make the fantastic Cosmic Girls range of tees and accessories, along with 11-11 (a range of bionic and cyber influenced slogan wear) and Emily the Strange clothing, which is frankly astounding, especially if you're feeling a bit bad. And know someone a bit strange called Emily. make subversive slogan wear. The designs are simple, but brutally effective and darkly humourous. They also sell the dangerboy-beloved 'Give me Drugs' mug.

'The World's most popular web thing ever (tm)', also known as The Onion stock a simple range of to-the-point tees, many of which can greatly simplify conversations. Some of us here at dangerboy couldn't live without our 'You Are Dumb' and 'Your Favourite Band Sucks' tops.

   Of course, there's nothing more beautiful than dangerboy apparel.