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   Probably the nearest equivalent to the Gameboy camera in the world of chemical films is the LOMO, a crazy 35mm camera produced in the old Soviet Union, originally as a spy camera. The Lomo features automatic exposure, which means that it, like the Gameboy camera, can be used to take pictures in any light without any extra effort on the photogrpahers part. The original LOMO is fast becoming a cult object, party because of the hostory of its manufacture, and partly for the striking photos it takes. You can hear more, and buy a LOMO if you feel like it, from HERE.

The video camera equivalent of the Gameboy camera is probably the venerable Fisher-Price Pixelvision PXL-2000. This low-resolution black and white camera was capable of recording 5 minutes of video footage onto a standard audio cassette. The Pixelvision is, unfortunately, out of production and sickeningly hip, both of which mean that second hand examples change hands for extortionate amounts (sometimes a thousand dollars, or so). Go to eBay if you're feeling rich... This guy can probably tell you more.