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This is the first time out for us here at the dangerboy music channel, so we'd like to take the chance to introduce you to a few of the acts we've loved over the years, and which many of you may have missed. Think of this as us nailing our colours to the pole now, at the start of this beautiful relationship.

You'll know some of what we're talking about (unless you've been living in a box your whole life, or are 6 years old), and that's a good thing. But please take this chance to expand, and maybe adventure into some of the other acts we discuss. It's all quality from here on in. 

Cop Shoot Cop

 Everything we'll be discussing this time through is from acts who are now defunct. Or at least haven't been heard of for such a long time that we're assuming that they are.

Cop Shoot Cop are one such act - past geniuses of the New York indie scene, they combined the industrial sensibilities of the late 80s with a touch of cabaret, a smidgeon of punk and incredible songwriting ability. Lyrics to die for, and a two-bass driven sound yet to be surpassed.

Cop Shoot Cop are survived by Firewater, who've taken the songwriting skill and dark humour evident in their progenitors a league further. More on them (a LOT more) later.


New Kingdom

New Kingdom did what very few acts have managed to do - they revolutionised the sound of hip-hop. Listen to absolutely anything of theirs you can get. Especially rewarding are the Underdog remixes - deep slabs of smoke-obscured funk, with nigh-on perfect rhymes drifting over the top. As the New Kingdom lads themselves say:

'Can you dig it when I'm out this far?'


Collapsed Lung
 Morphine are now sadly gone due to the passing of their major songwriting talent, Mark Sandman. They produced 5 albums of sublime genius in their brief time. Boasting a line-up of slide bass, baritone sax (sometimes) and drums, they opened up a whole new hinterland for the rock sound, and produced moments of real beauty. Sometimes energetic, often poignant, and always almost irresistably suave. Cure for Pain is probably my choice as best album.


 Collapsed Lung were what acts like Black Grape wanted to be, and probably epitomised every dream that Pop Will Eat Itself ever had. Rock/Rap fusion entirely for the party set, and infused with a very British sense of humour. Mostly famous now for their track 'Eat my Goal', used on every football-related Coke advert ever. The early material features lo-fi production, but is still effortlessly hilarious and full of great popular culture references. We've had a lot of fun together.


The Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy
Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of art-noise collective, the Beatnigs, The Disposable Heroes fused their funk and soul backgrounds with all the other sounds of the early 90s, to create a post-modern masterpiece that still sounds fresh to today's ears. From smashing machinery onstage to utilising the jazz guitar skills of Charlie Parker (who later recorded for Acid Jazz), the Disposable Heroes seemed to effortlessly shatter musical boundaries in a way many people seem to have forgotten is possible.  
If you'd like to know more about any of these acts, or to hear samples of their work, well... You do know how to use a websearch angine, don't you? Might I suggest Google? Thankfully, there are still fans out there who remember the good guys, and many of them run websites far more informative than we can be in this limited space.


Number 2

Rocking the dangerboy stereo RIGHT NOW:

1. New Order - Confusion [pump panel reconstruction] (from the Blade soundtrack)
2. Placebo - Taste in Men (single)
3. Godspeed you, Black Emperor - F#A#
4. New Wet Kojak - Do Things
5. Jerry Goldsmith - Planet of the Apes soundtrack
6. Asian Dub Foundation - Community Music