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   Hi there, and welcome to, the lifestyle guide for those who've rejected lifestyle. Here's the guide for those tentative about exploring this site without any idea of what awaits them.  
  Check out the links above for some of the feverished work of the dangerboy crew. In 'ART' at the moment there's some stunning Gameboy Camera work, plus a guide to using the tiny little budget snapper as an artistic tool. 'STYLE' currently has a guide to a few ideas for looks taken from outside the sterile world of fashion, including a guide to punk chic.  
  'SCIENCE' is where the dangerboy staff get to say their piece. It contains fortnightly updates about what we've learnt from the world, and what we're planning to do with it all this time. Also the place for updates on other people we've discovered who share the dangerboy spirit.  
  'MUSIC' is designed to steer away from the hot 'now' sound we're all supposed to be chasing, and will instead be used to introduce readers to forgotten classics that deserve a rebirth. Especially as they're a lot easier to get hold of than they were, thanks to the box you're staring at now. Right now there's reminders of some of the great lost acts that never made it out of the 90s.  
  Check out 'OUR STUFF' for dangerboy merchandise. Guaranteed fresh, and rip-off free. And stylish, of course. We;ll soon be stocking a series of limited edition hand-printed designs, but for now you can show your support for the dangerboy ideals by flashing our copyright-free symbol around, instead of the name of some sweatshop management firm.