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 Dangerboy's printing team reclaims shirts from their pasts, and prepares them for this range. Shirts are used, from a variety of sources, and are thoroughly scrubbed to remove all traces of their histories. All tags and labels are also removed, to free these shirts for a new life spreading the dangerboy message.
 The dangerboy range brings you messages to spread throughout the world. Printed using thinned inks on dark colours, they have battered, often-translucent prints, reminiscent of a sign left out so long people have forgotten the truth of its message.  The ideography range bring the dangerboy message to a new sholw new language. Unlike most chinese-printed shirtmakers in the world, we tell you what the shirt says. No more 'sunshine and saki' for you.  Supposedly children are unable to tell lies. So we use child-like writing and symbols to get simple messages across. Guaranteed to attract a lot of attention (for some reason)

 Currently available in:

These are truly the last days

Control is not control

  Currently available in:

Retail therapy will not cure you

Welcome to the future

   Currently available in:

Darkness all around

Cold viewpoint from afar

Sharpen the swords, and feed the horses

    Currently available in:




All dangerboy shirts are hand printed on 100% cotton. Shirts are only printed to order, so tell us what colour you want, and we'll do our best. With all designs, your own phrase is available for a small screen-making charge. Also available soon is the dangerboy symbol shirt (white on red). Dress up as your favourite non-existent superhero for a low, low price. Feel free to email our designers to discuss your print. Previous special orders have included phone numbers, ad busting shirts and sports kit. We can do whatever you want, given enough time.

All shirts cost 10 pounds UK or 15 dollars US, plus postage (which will be charged at cost). For order/payment details email The person who will be answering your emails can be seen here.