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 In this globalized, homogenized world, where the same corporations are selling the same cultural influences everywhere from the US to the UAE, it's increasingly hard to stand out from the herd.

Go into a bar, and what do you see? A load of identical teens and twenty-somethings in identical shirts from The Gap or Stussy or Armani, depending on what sort of bar it is.

So what can the intelligent well-educated person with a bit of a sense of style and individuality do to escape?

   The answer lies in owning, and wearing, things that other people have never seen before. There are a lot of ways to do this, and the educated reader will know a lot of them already. We at dangerboy feel that we can offer some help, especially by sending you to some of the truly eclectic style centres right here on the web. More  
   Of course, there's nothing more beautiful than dangerboy apparel.