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 Science archives

Issue 1

Starbucks, Salts and swearing

Now don't all get over-excited, but the first details of the real dangerboy t-shirt designs are now on the site, all modelled by our website manager. This is the first chance those of you in the outside world will be getting to buy these delectable pieces of modern torso-wear, so don't hold back on those chequebooks! Details are in 'buy stuff'. Also new this week are more pictures in art. Look for updates to music and the constant expansion of style over the next fortnight. Also now available is dangerboy radio (done through the sonicnet site). This is an internet radio stream restricted to playing dangerboy-approved artists and in dangerboy-approved amounts. It will feature all the artists covered in our music section (where possible) and a load of other stuff too. You might have to re-launch your main dangerboy window after clicking on it, but don't worry; you can leave it playing in the background while you browse the rest of the site.

Since this is the second rant appearing under the 'science' name, it's probably a good time for to explain what's happening with the old ones. Basically, each fornight's column will be archived, and is accessible from the menu on the left. So don't worry about noting down the links that appear here - they'll still be visible for a long time yet.

Bit of news to start with. Amazon are in hot water at the moment because their super-cool new customer management software has a built-in system for charging customers different prices for the same CD. It seems that regular Amazon users have cookies put on their machines teling the site to charge them more than a first-time user. Bizarrely, you also get charged more if you use Internet Explorer... Remarkably stupid move by Amazon really, especially as most internet shoppers are capable of comparing prices, and therefore will just buy elsewhere. Read more about it at the register. While you're there, have a look around. It's rather a good site for UK IT news.

We've been sent the address for a fantastic set of tools for building webpages here. Spoof web banners to liven up your pages no end. We've decided to include the dangerboy office favourite here for you. nyuk nyuk nyuk. And of course, it's as true of the dangerboy store as it is anywhere else.

One of the things that really amuses us here at dangerboy, and bemuses anyone who lives in a country with any sort of half-decent educational system, is the christian zealot right in the US. We've lambasted them before for such great ideas as rejecting all science because they find the odd philosophical idea distasteful, and for constantly screwing up American politics, but the Onion have really hit it perfectly this week. Also highly amusing this week are the US presidential candidates who are desperately trying to out-pray each other in public. Supposedly Al Gore's tireless sanctimoniousness is not tricking the Christian right, though. They're threatening not to vote for him because his policies just aren't bigoted enough. Meanwhile, Bush has signed on as his right-hand man someone who votes against all equality, environment and welfare legislation regardless of its content. Looks like things over the big pond aren't going to get any more liberal or intelligent any time soon.

We reckon we've found the ultimate toy for anyone with 40000 pounds to spend. We can't work out what to do with it, but if we could only get that much cash together...

Short science this week I'm afraid. I'm feeling lazy, really.

Anyway, enjoy the site, and see you in a fortnight or so.

The dangerboy crew


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