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 Welcome to dangerboy style - dedicated to keeping the cognoscenti one step ahead of the pack, and to fighting back against the stylistic homogenation that is the fashion system. We won't tell you that you have to co-ordinate black with a splash of red this year, nor that pink snakeskin boots are de riguer for the summer season.

For us, it's all about having an individual style. Sure we can point you in the direction of some looks we think are cool, and sure, we can tell you about some styles we love. But we're not going to give you orders. Get real.

  With the rise of a new, dull cultural elite, and the increasing push for conformity for everyone in terms of their personal style, there's really only one way to go. Punk is about due for a revival, in our books. Bu that doesn't mean getting out the battered leather jackets and chains. Why not? Punk's an attitude, not a style of dress. Come see what we mean.
  I want to be like Bill Hicks. Know what I mean?
  And check out our recommended suppliers, and a guide to getting hold of it all in 'how to get the look'.
   Remember - there's nothing more stylish than what you can get in the dangerboy merchandise section...